Why Ziall is real

Anon asked me why I think Ziall is real, so here a few reasons.

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Why I love so much this moment:

  • The way Niall has his head buried into Zayn’s neck
  • The way Zayn holds Niall’s head buried into his neck
  • The way Niall has his arms wrapped around Zayn
  • The smile on Niall’s face
  • The smile on Zayn’s face
  • The way Niall touches Zayn’s ass
  • The way their crotches are rubbing against each other
  • Zayn whispers something into Niall’s ear or kisses Niall’s cheek

This moment is perfect.

In the first pic, the interviewer asks who is single, Zayn doesn’t know what to do and looks at Niall, who raises his hand.
In the second pic, Niall puts his hand down and looks at Zayn. It seems that he signals to Zayn to raise his hand.
In fact, in the third pic, Zayn raises his hand.

This is what happened in another interview: (x)

So don’t tell me Ziall isn’t real, ‘cause it’s obvious that something is going on. 

Interviewer: “Raise your hand if you’re single”

Zayn looks at Niall, sees he raises his hand and then he raises his too.

Ziall is fucking real.